KIS IT is here to guide you through a seamless experience in the transition, installation, learning, and effective utilization of the Softone ERP application, ensuring a smooth and problem-free journey.

Softone ERP offers comprehensive modules that that support the entire range of business operations, spanning from production and supply chain management to sales. Some of the modules of a Softone ERP system include:
* Commerce Management
* Stock Management
* Retail Management
* Production Management
* Service Management
* Sales
* Invoicing
* Payroll
* General Accounting
* Income-Expenses
* Financial Management
* Fixed Assets Management
* Human Resources Management (HRM)
* Distribution Management
* Supply Chain Management
* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
* Product Design
* Financial Accounting
* Marketing

Softone ERP empowers you to enhance financial management, effectively reducing the operational costs of your business. A Softone ERP solution aids a business in:
* Increase its revenue.
* Enhance its efficiency by consolidating various tasks.
* Reduce its operational expenses.
* Enhance the security of its operational data.
* Extract and leverage information from different departments of the company.

Softone ERP Deployment Methods:
* Purchase (Software License): This deployment model refers to the scenario where the business acquires a Softone ERP system by purchasing licenses for an indefinite period. Beyond the initial purchase, the business pays an annual fee for the right to use the latest versions of the software.
* Subscription: In this case, the business pays a subscription fee (usually annually) for the license to use Softone ERP during the specified period. The annual subscription typically includes any upgrades and new releases of the software for the same period.

Softone ERP Operating Models: On-premise, SaaS, or Hosted:
* On-premise: The Softone ERP system is installed on the company's own equipment. With this model, the company is responsible for both the infrastructure and the operation, maintenance, and management of the software (support, upgrades, backup creation, etc.).
* SaaS: The Softone ERP is hosted on the software provider's cloud infrastructure, placing both the operational and support responsibilities in their hands. The business utilizes the software as a subscription service, and the subscription fee encompasses all the services provided by the provider.
* Hosted: In this operational model, the Softone ERP system is hosted on the provider's cloud infrastructure. However, the business retains overall responsibility for the operation and management of the software.

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